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Insane Band of the Day - Adrian Edmonson and the Bad Shepherds

It was a close run thing but I think Ade Edmonson (yes, the one from the Young Ones) and the Bad Shepherds just about win. They do old punk classics in a folk way - mandolin, pipes etc. And it works amazingly well! Of course in a sense punk was folk music - 'here's three cords now write a song'.

Runners up are Mama Matrix, a psychedelic klezmer band, and, of course, Jethro Tull for still doing it all into their 60s - and they played a very good set!

Tired now!
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My friends and I enjoyed Ade Edmonson ... though reviews I read later (and agreed with) were that it was an all-star band with an adequate lead singer (i.e. with that class of musician, he'd have had to be really bad to have ruined it, but that he was merely competent ... not that there's anything wrong with *that* ...) ... and I'm not sure I'd count Talking Heads as Punk ... :-)

I missed him at Cambridge, but saw him at Cropredy

[identity profile] maeve-the-red.livejournal.com 2009-09-14 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
I saw 'The Bad Shepherds' at a festival over the summer (not sure which one, they all kind of blurred after a while) and as well as the ever-enjoyable playing of unexpected tunes on apparently inappropriate instruments (see further The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain), the banter was excellent. For example: 'People sometimes ask why we're called 'The Bad Shepherds'. Well, do you see any sheep on stage with us? No? There's your explanation, then' (launches into No More Heroes on the mandolin).